Bridal Dentistry

Beautiful Wedding smiles!

Planning a wedding? There will be plenty of details that demand your attention. Your ultimate accessory that you and your bridal party can bring to the wedding is a pearly white smile. Your wedding photos will reflect your smile which everyone will remember for a lifetime. Besides the dress, the flowers and the food, there is one thing that everyone will notice on your special day: your smile. We can help you make your smile as radiant as possible.

Achieving a Bridal-White Smile


Professional cleaning in a dental practice before your wedding can help remove stains that might otherwise make your smile less than bright. If food, beverages or tobacco have caused the discolouration, your smile may benefit from a tooth whitening treatment from our participating dentists.


AT DR PREETI’S TOTAL SMILECARE,we offer laser and many other teeth whiting which will brighten your teeth on average of 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes. Visit our testimonials and read about our many satisfied patients.

Whitening (also called bleaching) is a procedure that brightens teeth that are discoloured or stained or have darkened in colour because of injury.

Chairside whitening takes from 30 minutes to one hour per visit. A chemical solution is applied to the teeth to lift out stains. A special light may be used at intervals to help activate the bleaching agent. It is not uncommon for the teeth to become slightly sensitive temporarily after whitening treatments.

With home-use whitening, a custom-fitted mouthguard that holds the whitening programs gel are made. The mouthguard is worn up to two hours daily or at night for a length of time specified by our participating dentists. The amount of time per evening for which the nightguard is worn and the treatment duration may vary according to your needs and our recommendations.

Special Whitening Packages:

Laser Whitening : for Bridal Parties of 4-6 people. Call Now
Laser Whitening : for Bridal Parties of 7-10 people. Call Now
Laser Whitening : for Bridal Parties of 11+ people. Call Now

*We recommend a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam prior to having your teeth whitened.

Bride and Groom Couples Packages :

Couples Whitening. Call Now
Couples Teeth Cleaning, Exam & Digital X-rays. Call Now



Bonding : If your teeth are chipped, broken, cracked or badly stained or have slight gaps, ask our participating dentists about bonding. Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that uses tooth-coloured materials that are attached or bonded to the tooth surface. The process can improve unsightly stains from coffee, tea, tobacco or certain medications taken in childhood.

Veneers : Veneers are thin custom-made shells that are designed to cover the front of the teeth. Made of tooth-coloured materials, veneers are used to treat gaps and teeth that are permanently stained, poorly shaped or slightly crooked. Veneers also are used to cover teeth that are chipped, worn or eroded at the gum line.

Teeth jewellery : Smiles this season may be more dazzling, literally! A brilliant piece of crystal embedded in teeth has become the latest fashion accessory to catch the fancy of the fashion conscious and a magnificient way to add sparkles to your stunning smile.

Please visit our cosmetic dentistry section for more details.

Here are the top tips every bride or groom needs to know about a beautiful smile for the Wedding Day:

1.    A Bright smile will make you look beautiful on the outside and make you feel great on the inside.

2.    One of the easiest things you can do to improve your smile is to have a regular checkup and cleaning every six months or more if needed.

3.    A perfect smile can be ruined by gum disease, which causes red, swollen and puffy gums. A thorough cleaning and polishing at least 2 weeks before your wedding can ensure healthy gums and fresh breath for your big day.

4.    Daily brushing and flossing will keep your gums healthy. Dental checkup may reveal any decay or worn fillings in the front teeth, which can cause brown spots or stains.

5.    Bleaching is a must for anyone who wants a Quick, Painless, Bright Beautiful Smile Makeover - unless your teeth have crowns or veneers already. If you decide to bleach your teeth make sure to avoid staining foods like tea, coffee, red wine and berries so your teeth will stay their brightest. If you choose trays or strips, do a touch up the night before your big day. Your teeth are always the whitest if you apply the trays or the strips the night before and the morning off your occasion.

6.    Last minute tooth contouring allows cosmetic dentists correct minor defects in the shape and appearance of a tooth through a process referred to as tooth contouring or tooth reshaping.

7.    For a complete smile makeover before your wedding you may consider other cosmetic dental treatment available to you.Please check our smile makeover section.

8.    For the Wedding Day, prepare a Bridal Dental-Emergency Kit Bring along some Vaseline to put inside your upper lip. This will limit the dryness of your lips that comes from showing your beautiful smile to your guest and cameras. It'll also help to prevent your lipstick from getting on your teeth.

9.    Have a travel toothbrush with toothpaste and travel size container of mouthwash to neutralize bad breath odors instead of masking them.

At DR PREETI’S TOTAL SMILECARE, we will create a picture perfect smile for you and your guests on your special day! Your wedding photos will reflect your smile which everyone will remember for a lifetime


To make sure your smile will look as beautiful as you are on your wedding day schedule a complementary consultation.