Gum Depigmentation & Contouring

Gum depigmentation is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to remove black spots or patches on the gums caused by excessive melanin. The normal color of the gum tissue (gingiva) is pink, but excess deposits of melanin can create what seem to be black spots or patches on the gums, creating an aesthetic or cosmetic problem.


Gum recountouring :

Showing excessive or uneven display of gum tissue can distract from an otherwise beautiful smile.A pleasing smile is a combination of the gums,lips and teeth,each complimenting each other.Too much display of gum tissue can cause disharmony in the smile and the appearance,so called “The gummy smile”.

 At Dr.Preeti's TOTAL SMILECARE,we have highly skilled cosmetic dentist and a periodontist,to correct gummy smiles using the advanced laser technology,to reposition the gums evenly and thereby complimenting the teeth perfectly.